Welcome my Aengels ♥

Dear Aengels,

Welcome to my website, where I will be keeping a journal on the process of my first novel.
The idea for my first novel started forming in July 2015, when I was planning my vacation with my then almost 1 year old daughter and my girlfriend.
I took the time of that vacation to develop the main story line and plots sub concisely.
Once we got back from vacation it was back to work, and back to deal with reality.
Somehow I just couldn’t shake this novel idea out of my head.
Scared of the writing process, I started working on my research instead because it was going to be a fact/fiction novel.
During this period of time the story really started evolving, and with some encouragement of my amazing now fiancé I started the writing process.
I slowly started the writing process after joining a Facebook group of published and unpublished fiction writers.
I now had a good support system where I could turn to, and with no writing experience at all I plunged into writing headfirst.
In the meantime I also told one of my best friends Tara Hogan about it.
She volunteered to become my editor and this has become a very good
Everything started falling into place for me and I was very confident with my writing.
In passing and learning about my book one of my friends had told me about a acquaintance who was a published writer.
I looked her up and her name is Patty Van Delft, and she is the amazing author behind Drägan Duma that I also started reading.
It is a Dutch young Fantasy Trilogy about a 16-year-old orphan girl called Jill.
That finds out she is a Drägannymarai a dragon knight in the parallel universe of Drägan Duma.
After reaching out to Patty via her twitter we started speaking more and more
as we established a connection and now we converse on a daily basis.
In a time period of a month and a half I had written the first drafts of the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 and I am currently working on chapter 3.
I welcome you all to follow me during my journey in trying to become a published author with my first novel that is shrouded in conspiracy and controversy.




Check out Patty her amazing books who for now are only available in Dutch.

patty her first book Drägan Duma she who listens
patty her first book Drägan Duma she who listens
patty her second book Drägan Duma Allies and traitors
patty her second book Drägan Duma Allies and traitors
Patty with a Drägan Duma poster
Patty with a Drägan Duma poster

Or check her out at:
Patty’s Official Website

Or chek out the publishing house she is signed with at:

2 gedachtes over “Welcome my Aengels ♥

    1. Thank you Patty it is an absolute honor to have your work displayed here,so i guess the pleasure is all mine ♥ i wish you the best on writing today and for many days to come.
      and thank you for stopping by




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