Pushing back Chapter 3 deadline with 3 days 💔

Dear Aengels,

Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris, I was caught in a stream of research for the novel who’s name I will now share with you.
The novel will be called “ISolation”.
And I have been following the media and dissecting what happened in France piece by piece.
Due to this tragic event happening I have not found the time in this period to write as much as I have wanted to write.
I am really close to finishing chapter 3 but it is not yet quite finished.
And it is with outmost sadness that I will have to push back my deadline to finish up chapter 3 within 7 days, by a mere 3 days.
That I think will be more then sufficient to bridge the gap that I have created.
On another note due to this tragic event I have come in contact with an amazing person that goes by the name of Geroid O Colmain, who is a political analyst/author who lives in Paris.
Through social media I have contacted Geroid and told him about the novel I have been working on and he was intrigued and was maybe willing to assist trough out the remainder of the novel.
So not all was lost but also allot was gained especially after finding out Mr O Colmain has no digital footprint up untill the paris attacks and finding some pictures claiming he is    “luke perry” the actor who played dylan in beverly hills 90210 .
It seems like the government is trying to cover something up.
I also can’t wait to get the Prologue, chapter 1 & 2 back from my editor Tara Hogan.
So I can put these first drafts of these chapters on the site for you all to read.
We are working as hard as possible to make this happen as soon as possible.
I want to thank you all for your time and support and hope to update you soon on the involvements around the novel.





watch Geroid O Colmain his interview with RT

Geroid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

the government is  trying to cover something up with this picture claiming he is a FAKE reporter but thanks to him we already know what it is they are trying to cover up…..

or read some more  of Mr. O Colmain from a 2013 article that he wrote about the NATO

The Crimes of NATO’s Neocolonial Wars: Mainstream Media The Organs of State and Corporate Propaganda by Geroid O Colmain

Or visit an archive of his articles

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