Moved to a different domain

i currently moved  the website/blog to  where as of now the manuscript beta chapters have also been uploaded for you all to enjoy
I have totally moved everything to there, where i will also be be blogging mostly hope you stop by.



2 gedachtes over “Moved to a different domain

  1. Egon Daniel Engelhardt, Best wishes to you with the novel!!! Patty sent me over. Interesting to find you the author in the midst of your novel….sort of like Patty’s trilogy of three novels, now on her third!!! Patty must be an inspiration to you as well as great encouragement! Phil from

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    1. Yes there is allot of truth in that Philip as Patty is so much more to me then a friend who inspires in many ways,she is a mentor and an all out amazing person who happens to live just around the corner. i do not have a clue yet if i can just keep my story in one novel as there is so much to tell.
      So it might become a series,the move for me was a pain but i had to start using plug ins on WP so i chose to work withWP trough my new domain. thank you for stopping by and hope we correspond for the long run.


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