About Aengelheart

Aengelheart the author or better known as Egon Daniel Engelhardt was born on the 8th of April 1987, and lives in The Hague Holland.
Ever since he was a small child   Egon knew he was different, whilst boys of his age where interested in becoming a police officer or where busy with cars.
He always was doing something different.
But it was not until the 5th grade until his 5th grade teacher went home on sick leave due to him getting a hernia.
What transpired after that would plant the early seed of him wanting to become a writer.
What changed you ask?
Well the fact that his replacement teacher misses Hanneke Hiddema-Wijnja who remains his favorite teacher to this day came into the picture.
On Friday afternoon they would have swimming classes at the Tolhuis bad in Dokkum.
And after the kids got back from the swimming pool it was Miss Hanneke, who would   then tell them the most amazing stories from the top of her head.
About Saskia & Jeroen a Dutch twin brother and sister that would get in to the most funny, crazy and entertaining situations.
She told these stories as if she was painting the Sistine Chapel, verbally a true work of art.
To young Egon this was mind-boggling, how she could tell these amazing stories whilst she just grabbed them out of thin air as she could go on for hours.
Later on in life Egon would make up his own stories never putting them down on paper it was always happening inside his head.
He was always involved with creative things and creative thinking, like cooking and making music.
He would still make up stories, ideas for cinematic stories, but he would never act on it.
Not until the late of August of 2015, Young Egon was now a man and had become a father.
Whilst planning their first vacation as a family of 3 Egon started having the idea for a novel.
The tiny idea started snowballing into something bigger and he started doing the research after some encouragement of his Fiancé .
After for the first time putting everything down on paper, he decided to dive into it head first with no writing experience and started working on his first novel.
And I welcome you all to follow me during this journey



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